One Stop Shopping Experience for Authentic African goods

Our Story

How did we evolve from AGILE-International to DjimiDjama?

After successfully running AGILE-International for eight years, which included programs that encompass product development, market research, and sales. Fatou realized that AGILE-International's mission could expand if the products Africans created could reach not only a local but also a global market. Fatou branded the products as a social enterprise and Djimi Djama was born!

Proceeds from Djimi Djama fund AGILE-International's following programs: education, food security, capacity building, women empowerment and inclusion, research and innovation, entrepreneurial skill development, and job creation.

Djimi Djama connects two customer bases: African vendors seeking a place to sell their goods and clients seeking to purchase authentic African-made goods.
Our objective is to promote economic growth in Africa by providing Africans access to the global economy.

Our Story

Our marketplace that facilitates four things.

Provides access to a local and global market for the local African people seeking a marketplace to sell their goods.

Provides a place for customers seeking high-quality authentic African-made goods in One Online-Shopping Experience. This kind of service doesn't exist, yet.

Provides a sustainable Funding Source by automatically diverging a % of revenue generated from Djimi Djama Marketplace to our non-profit partner, AGILE-International. 

Helps close the Digital Divide by providing training, and mentoring to those who need help using Djimi Djama eCommerce. The integrated system will enhance the digital infrastructure in Africa, build human capital, increase economic growth, elevate the status of women, and reduce poverty in Africa.