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Our Mission

Cultivate social transformation in Africa while advancing the goals of our non-profit partner, AGILE International.

Our Vision

Utilize the Djimi Djama eCommerce to reduce poverty In Africa.

A handbag that makes a statement as strong as you!

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Amy Sindler

Longmont, CO

This is my favorite bag of all time!  I get so many compliments and the craftsmanship is superb!

Melissa B

Customer, Iowa City

The colors on this bag are absolutely stunning and the wood detailing is beautiful! Large enough to carry my laptop so I’ll be using it for work and for going out afterwards.

Kelsey James


I love my bag!  I have enjoyed it the year I have had it.  It also brings me joy knowing it's for a good cause.

Veronica Fontana


The bag is wonderful.  I use it all the time.  It is big enough to hold all of my stuff

Anne Elgerd

Collective Capital Philanthropy

It’s great to see how these two entities now each has clearly defined purposes and missions, yet are connected to one another at the core. Good work!!

Janet Russell

Creating Framing, Lafayette

My husband bought me one of these handbags called Juicy Mango. I took it to California for women's conference.I got so many compliments and it felt so good to stand out with such a great product and even better knowing it's for a good cause.

Every stitch reaffirms identity, indpendence, and growth.

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Our Story

Our marketplace that facilitates four things.

Provides access to a local and global market for the local African people seeking a marketplace to sell their goods.

Provides a place for customers seeking high-quality authentic African-made goods in One Online-Shopping Experience. This kind of service doesn't exist, yet.

Provides a sustainable Funding Source by automatically diverging a % of revenue generated from Djimi Djama Marketplace to our non-profit partner, AGILE-International. 

Helps close the Digital Divide by providing training, and mentoring to those who need help using Djimi Djama eCommerce. The integrated system will enhance the digital infrastructure in Africa, build human capital, increase economic growth, elevate the status of women, and reduce poverty in Africa.

Supporting Social Transformation in Africa