One Stop Shopping Experience for Authentic African goods

From Model to Execution

Greeting dear, friends.

An African proverb says “When two goats fight, the winner is likely to be the one with its back against the wall”

In other words, Support Matters! Thank you for having our back!!

We are delighted to announce that AGILE International and Djimi Djama have embarked on their collaboration journey. We’ve gone live at Our uniquely beautiful and useful handbags are available for purchase.

Moving from model to execution is something that large businesses struggle with let alone a tiny startup.  

As a reminder, while AGILE International's overall goal is to create a prosperous, equitable, and sustainable local community, none of that is possible without access to the local and global markets.

Djimi Djama (pronounced Jimi Jama) not only provides access to market, but the revenue generated by Djimi Djama also helps fund AGILE International's core programs such as education, food security, capacity building, women empowerment and inclusion, research, innovation, entrepreneurial skill development, jobs creations, and many more.

This collaboration will allow Djimi Djama marketplace to sell authentic African products in three phases. We begin with the United States, and Canada for phase one which is now. In phase two, products will be available on African markets in addition to the North America markets. In phase three, Djimi Djama will become a global market. Currently, finding authentic African made goods in one online shopping experience doesn’t exist.

In the near future Djimi Djama will be the answer for:

  • Customers looking for authentic African products in one online shopping experience,
  • Africans looking to sell their authentic African made products on the local and global markets,
  • Sustainable funding source for our non-profit partner (this fosters local philanthropy and ownership)
  • Help close the digital divide, providing training and mentorship

Below is our resilient and win-win-win model in graphical format. Empower women, improve Africa, change the world.

With your support, we were able to build this model, continue our work to the very end of this unusual year 2020. We planted moringa, okra, beans, peanuts, launched a new microloan project, and two street business innovation projects.

We look forward to reporting on those projects in 3 months.


Djimi Djama - The Marketplace for Social Change